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 90 Songs in 90 Days began first as a challenge from my mother, who has always encouraged my creativity. She challenged me to post a song a day for three months as a way to finally break the ice in the social media and internet world, but even more importantly, as a way to connect with her from a distance and to connect with many others through the language I know best, music.  

It quickly evolved into a very eclectic mosaic of covers, my own originals, acapellas from famous film soundtracks, musicals, great composers, mantras, you name it. The inspiration being that music, as a moral law, can be a focus and a center point to bring balance and healing in a time of great chaos and uncertainty here on the Earth. 

I had found myself happily and luckily stranded in Bocas del Toro, Panama during the famous global shutdown of 2020. All songs were filmed here on location, and they showcase Mother Earth as the main character, so that we may honor and celebrate our connection with her, which is so important in today’s modern world. 


The first song was posted on May 22, 2020. 

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So, enjoy the odyssey, may the force be with you, Aloha, Bendiciones!   

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